dinsdag 26 november 2013


Though the place is so bright, it's easy to miss. It's in a little bystreet of one of Rotterdam's biggest shopping districts Lijnbaan. But when you find it, you can't imaging your life without it. It's thé cupcake bakery in town! They are baking fresh cupcakes, muffins, cakepops and macarons from 10 to 3 daily, and you can sit down in their girly pink and pastel cafe 'till 6 in the evening. 

My personal favourite is the Red Velvet cupcake, but you can wake me up for a Raspberry Chocoholic as well! And the best thing is, they sell mini cupcakes as well. So you can take a few. Or add a macaron! Coffee and tea are served in cute crockery, with texts based on the Mad Hatter (you know, the one from Alice in Wonderland). And I think with that they reveal the secret ingredient: a little magic in everything they offer. I was hooked right away...  
10 to 3 bakery isn't my man's favourite place, way to pink! But he's always happy when I stopped by and took some deliciousness home (they got these pink stripped boxes to get your treats home properly).
So, when are you joining me for something sweet in Rotterdam?   

Ten to Three Bakery
Aert van Nesstraat 24

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