zondag 17 november 2013


Ravennah4Art & Rotterdam

Rotterdam, the city with so many places
Tough guys, pretty girls, characteristic faces.
Thoughts, inspirations and unspoken words,
The thin line between the gangsters and the nerds.
There is distinction, creativity and lots of respect,
Expressive colors makes it easy to connect.

Rotterdam, amaze and never be tired,
Feel the movement, just be inspired.
The better you look, the more you will see,
Artist and people are all running free.
The Feyenoord players are fighting along,
Sometimes a setback, but life still goes on.

Rotterdam is beating like a heart,
Ravennah4art is here to take part.
Creating takes now and then more time,
I finish it anyhow, but never out of fashion,
Art is art and it is my passion.

Water, bridges, ships, take a glance,
Paint and canvas they make the balance.
Ravennah4art paintings ​​with a voice
Loud and obvious, time to make your choice,
Surrender and please do not depart,
When you look carefully see Ravennah4art

- Ravennah

Ravennah4Art is an undefined style of artwork. Ravennah herself is lively and an open person who wants to express these characteristics in her work. Her passion is making cheerful, beautiful and expressive paintings which can be viewed for hours. By watching the paintings multiple times you see new shapes and figures every time. 
Ravennah says: "I create my art as fun and crazy as i like and how i feel, using my endless creativity and imagination. It can only be unique if i create my art being myself.". Therefore Ravennah doesn't hold on to one particular style, she works with various ideas and creates in the moment. She wants to make it fun and understandable for everyone, as deep as you want and can go.

More info about Ravennah4art:

Download the BROCHURE, go to the WEBSITE, follow Ravennah4art on FACEBOOK or send an email to RMatser@gmail.com. 

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