dinsdag 19 november 2013


Ph: Roel
blazer - H&M trend, dress - H&M, boots - H&M

Let's be honest: I love showing you what I'm wearing. On days I don't shoot, sometimes I'm wearing something that I like so much that I feel bad I can't share it with you. I love clothes. I love the art of fashion.

But...! taking outfit pictures always feels uncomfortable. I'm no model, I don't know how to pose and how to look! I spent hours reading other blogs and always hope to learn something from their pictures. But next time I stand before that camera I feel the same: Awkward!
Rain makes it even harder to make a proper picture outside. Days like this day, I'm quickly photographed between the raindrops. You can read the displeasure on my face! :)
Luckily it's all about clothes, not about me. Today's look: a little black dress, my beloved cutout boots (I'm in desperate need of new shoes!) and that other favourite piece in my closet: a bright blazer.

How do you feel when you're photographed? And what's your fave fall item?

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1 opmerking:

  1. Wauw staat je leuk! En oh zo herkenbaar, het gevoel om gefotografeerd te worden en het laten zien van allllllle leuke outfits!



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