vrijdag 1 november 2013


TGIF! I'm looking forward to today and the weekend, I made some awesome plans. But first I share with you last week in pictures: 

playing with the autumn leafes while walking at the petting zoo with merlijn, my boyfriend nephew. we were babysitting all weekend, it was lovely ♥ (and weary at the same time, waking up at 7 on a Sunday! :)) // monday was all about a big big storm in our netherlands. amsterdam got hit very hard, 2 people died there. but in rotterdam it was pretty windy as well. staying in, drinking hot chocolate with whipped cream from my fave cup with a cat on it, seemed like the best thing to do! //  fall.. euromast park is full of leafes and beautiful fall colours. a pretty picture // gijssie. close up. love. // ok ok more leafes. fall really kicked in this week. it's cold, it's windy, streets turn red, purple, orange, yellow and green. i like it! // doutzen ánd a white cat. i had to share this! // i really got a thing for black nails at the moment. //  ain't this a beautiful part of rotterdam? it's called 'de kop van zuid', my boyfriend used to life right beside the red building! between the storm and the rain the sun came through last wednesday, makes the view even better.

What are you up to this weekend? 


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