zaterdag 30 november 2013


Ph: Lovely by Lucy

She started her blog around the time I started to read fashion blogs, and I am one of her first hour fans. She took a sprint to the top. In less than 2,5 years she collected 4.221 followers on Bloglovin', 6.448 people liked her Facebook page and she has got 41.985 (!!) followers on Instagram right now! She's also part of the OOTD Magazine team as a writer/contributor, she writes a monthly item for GirlsLove2Travel and she teamed up with Asos, Nelly, 7 for all mankind and many more brands and magazines.
And that's not only because she's great in PR. Her blog is full of high quality pictures of her no nonsense style. Clean and simple, from high street to high end. Her favourite fashion colour is black, mostly in the mix with gray, and still she pops out of every picture. She's got style just the way I like it!
It seems like Lucy ís 'Lovely by Lucy', it's like she líves her blog. She obviously loves blogging, breathes fashion and it seems she truly appreciates the support of all her readers (who she sweetly calls 'lovelies'). Other than lifestyleblogger Valentine I wrote about last 'Blogger crush', Lucy doesn't talk about her personal life much. When she got seriously ill early this year she posted this: 'I haven’t really shared on the blog what’s going on with you guys, partly because there’s a fine line between sharing bits of your life and sharing all of it which might make Lovely By Lucy more of a lifestyle blog than a fashion blog. Because you know, I do more than just shopping and online shopping and going to events and shooting my outfits, but that’s just what I share on this blog. Partly I also haven’t told you because I know many of you might not be interested much because you come to Lovely By Lucy for outfit inspiration (which is great) and that’s it, I don’t want to bore anyone with the nick nacks of my personal life. I do want to thank you however for all the support you’ve been giving me, that really means the world!' And that says it all.
So that's Lucy. A gorgeous girl blogging about what she wears, what she wants to wear and what inspires her. And she inspires me.
What are your thoughts about Lucy? Are you following her already?
And who's your favourite fashionblogger?

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  1. we love her style!! we'll have to check her out


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