zaterdag 19 juli 2014


For today I planned to write an article about travelling. How exploring the world was always on top of my bucket list, how our 4 month journey through South-America changed my life and to tell you about my (travel) plans for the future.
And then this horrible news came in.
Suddenly it doesn't feel right to write about great adventures and big trips. 298 people had just started their own adventure. Complete families on their way to a well deserved family holiday. Spouses, trying to escape their busy lives for a while with a trip to paradise. Young backpackers, like Roel and me, wanting to explore Asia. I saw a picture of a mother holding her baby close when the plane came down. The attack was not only an end to their adventure, but also to their lives. They died, for no reason!
193 of the victims are Dutch. That makes it come tremendously close. I didn't know any of the victims personally, but I know a lot of people who do. And it breaks my heart thinking about what they are going through. Not only did 298 men die that day but families are torn apart, loved ones are taken away. The ones you said goodbye to at the Airport knowing you'll see them again, are never coming back. That's just harsh. Unbearable, to say the least.

So no. It doens't feel right to write this happy story about how travelling has enriched my life. And cheer about our great plans for January. Russia was part of the plan, but I'm not even sure if I still want to go there! Too many people lost too many these days. And with the whole Middle East thing going on 'at the side', I'm not sure if I like the world so much right now. I just feel sad. Why do people hurt eachother so bad?
So I will write about it later, but not now. Now it's time for mourning and modesty. I hope all the victims will rest in peace and my heart goes out to all the loved ones.
It is unfair.

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