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First I'd like to introduce myself: I am Yasmin Ooteman and I am the founder of I'm blogging there for over a year now. On my blog I mostly share my outfits and also my thoughts and things I like. When Linda asked me to be a guestwriter on her blog, I thought about it long what I would going to write about. I wanted to write about something different than the usual ‘fashion’, and I wanted to give you some more insight in my life.
I have chosen to write about something that will explain to you why it is so great to live in Zeeland, and where I spend most of my days during the summer. 
If the weather is quite alright you can find me on the beach. When I was a little girl I did go to the beach quite often with my parents, playing with the sand and the water. A bit to late on the day I was going for a swim, couldn’t get warm anymore, so afterwards I was crawling in a towel on the back of my mothers bike.
I can’t tell you enough how much I love it to go to the beach, from the moment I walk with my bare feet in the sand, see the ocean, breath in the fresh air I immediately have a vacation feeling.

I am really busy with my study (physiotherapy) and because of this my head can be really filled and I also can be really stressed. Going to the beach is the perfect way to relax, and clear my head. I often went to the beach with my boyfriend after a working/school day, this makes me forget that I actually had a long day behind.
If the weather is warm, we meet up with friends on the beach, which is a day filled with relaxing and fun, often we go grab a bite on the beach or go to a nice restaurant nearby.

I must say that I also love it to be in a big city, but if I spend my days on the beach I appreciate what I have and that the beach is so nearby my house. I wouldn’t want to miss this, seeing the sun go down in the water is the best !

I hope you liked it to read my article, and I am really curious if you guys also love it to go to the beach, please let me know in a reaction beneath this article.

Lots of love,


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