donderdag 31 juli 2014


Ph: Sanne and me
dress - Mango, bag - Mango, shoes - H&M, sunnies - H&M

Wait, what? Does the capture really say 'Amsterdam'? It does! The best places in Rotterdam is a theme on my blog, but last Sunday I went to a festival on the NSDM yard in Amsterdam with my friend Sanne and I felt a strong urge to share it with you.

What an awesome festival!
I loved the location. Although it's a popular place, I had never been there before. I love the rough atmosphere, with all the graffiti, scaffolds and the big containers in all colours of the rainbow.
It was Damaris Festivals first time. A great one, if you aks me! The weather was wonderful. I loved the diversity in people, in music, in food. It's a big yard, a lot of stages, but a lot of places to relax as well. Famous artists exchanged with starting bands, hiphop, techno, a hippie market, and if you felt like singing you could join the soundmix show at Henny's House (yes, with our own Henny Huisman!). Our fave performance was the one by Great Minds, they rocked the place!
All together it was a great day, with a great friend, on a great festival at a great location.

So, Damaris... we'll meet again next year?

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