zaterdag 12 juli 2014


O, hello July! A week has past, so it's time for another diary. And this what you're looking at:

I'm having the flu :(. but I don't have to be afraid I'll be alone in bed, Gijssie stays by my side all the time // normally this R stands for Roel, last wednesday it stood for Robben. but no luck, we're out! // me and my cousin Anna ♥  // my new shoes, love 'm! wore 'm for days in a row :) // Roels dad turned 65 last weekend and we went to this little town Lochem for some familytime. and to celebrate ofcourse! // I love everything about this outfit... ♥ SJ! // awesome streetart at Nieuwe Binnenweg, the centre of Rotterdam // pussycats got all dressed up for the game, but again, no luck. we lost from Argentina in the semi-finals. still hurts a little, I think we deserved to be in the finale! // Anna and I again on my day off last week // oooo, and I couldn't get enough... and then I got sick! haha.

Enjoy your weekend, guys! I will tell you about all my future plans soon on the blog!

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