dinsdag 29 juli 2014


Hi guys! It has been a couple of strange weeks... Celebrating and mourning.. a weird combination. But part of life I guess. What you are looking at:

a saturday well spent: cake and tea at Tea Lab with the girls, followed by a BBQ fest at Desirees house! // the cutest! ♥ // last week we had a national day of mourning after the planecrash. the first bodies were brought back to homeground and we all paid our respects. I felt sad for days and I think this picture shows // sushi, yum! the last time I had sushi was in January. for real. I was craving for it! // Roel birthday, hurray! we went to Utrecht with his parents and visit De Parade. love this lovely family picture I took! // oooo wishlist material! the best bag I've ever seen! urban outfitters, bring it to me! // walking my cousin Anna's dog on my day off. the weather was great and Anna and I were in the Kralingse Bos (our own citywoods and -lake!) for hours. loved it!

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