dinsdag 17 juni 2014


Ph: Roel van Tienen and me


What I wore:  dress - H&M divided, sunnies - Ale Hop, sandals - Birkenstock, bag - H&M trend

What I've seen: Jett Rebel - Kodaline - Stromae - Jake Bugg - Gogol Bordello - Metallica

So. This is what I look like after no showers and hardly any sleep for 3 days. It was an early morning, this last day of Pinkpop. We had to get our stuff ready to go, 'cause we had to catch a train home at night and wanted to miss as little as possible from Metallica. And Jett Rebel, my darling Jett Rebel (please, go check him out on You Tube... Google him...) was playing at noon and I definately did not want to miss that! His performance was as awesome as I had predicted! He even did a song together with his idol Larry Graham... perfect! (did I already told you to look him up on You Tube?).
After that it was time for Kodaline, and to catch up on my sleep a little. No, I'm not saying they were boring, not at all.. I was just very tired and it was hot as hell! And that's also the reason we did not get into the crowd during Stomae's show. What he did was pretty amazing, but we watched it from our save place in the shadow. And saw at least 3 girls passing out because of the heat...
Jake Bugg was the act I was most looking forward to. I love his music and Roel and I play it a lot at home. And it was really cool to see him in real life, but his performance was pretty dull. Why so serious, Jake? But well.. he played my favourite songs (Broken and 2 fingers) so I danced and sang along anyway!
While we were eating, clouds were covering the sun and the message reached us that there was a major thunder storm coming up. Code red! So we decided to go see Gogol Bordello in a huge tent. And what a great choice that was! While Gogol Bordello threw us a huge party, the weather went mad outside! Rain! Storm! Thunder! People from home were calling in to check if we were ok. Water sloshed into the tent. But we stayed save and dry.
When the worst was over we went outside (a special thanks to Marjolein, who brought the ponchos!), hoping for Metallica to play. Their performance was delayed because of the weather, but after an hour they started just in time for us to enjoy the first 3 songs.
And then we had to go, catch the last train home. And although it was the best feeling to finally get a shower and wash my hair and to sleep in my own bed when we got home at 4 in the morning, Pinkpop was the best! A great festival, with an awesome line-up, and some very cool people to share it with!
Yet another precious memory to keep!

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