dinsdag 3 juni 2014


Hi guys! Here's a new instadiary. I can't believe how fast these last weeks went by! It's only 18 more days 'till summer, and there are so many fun things coming up. Pinkpop, the FIFA World Cup, De Parade Rotterdam... But first, let's look back on the last 10 days:

from where I stand, with cutie Ruud, my friend Daisy's dog. after he bit me on NYE (I was drunk, he was scared of the fireworks....) we needed some time to get along again. but it's fine now, we're friends again! // can't believe this little man is 3 y/o already.. and his  mom and I are friends for almost 19 years! // it was my brothers birthday last thursday. his girlfriend made us some 'roti', it was so tasty! //  Yasmin from Mix of Me and I together, before the ILFB Q&A. happy pic!  // poster above my bed. I'm a Starwars fan! // Sanne and I enjoying sun and wine on the beach at a crazy hot day // Gijssie, sooo tired in the morning, he chased mise all night long! // another way to get those bangs out of my face. and the ILFB canvas bag, everyone who knows me knows I lóve canvas bags! // a clear blue sky, at Rotterdam CS sunday night. love this pic! // simple black dress that shows some skin, I think it's my new favourite festival dress! // a repost from @Ilovefashionbloggers, our sexy backs at the Q&A // and this amazing selfie Negin posted at the same day. Can you pick me out of the crowd?

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  1. Aaaah, ga jij ook naar Pinkpop?! Ik heb er zo veel zin in! Rolling Stones here we coooome! En leuk gedaan de collage! :)

    xx Sonja

  2. what a lovely entry <3
    your dog is so cute

    Hope you may visit my blog,too
    Your Amely Rose from:

  3. Klinkt super gezellig allemaal en ik zou nog zó graag een roti willen proberen haha! Goed om te horen dat je weer vriendjes bent met de hond ;p!

    Fijne dag, liefs Rosie! XX


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