zaterdag 14 juni 2014


Ph: Roel van Tienen & me


What I wore:  dress - H&M divided, flowercrown - Monki, sunnies - local store, flipflops - Haviana's

What I've seen: Chef Special - Limp Bizkit - Ed Sheeran - Paolo Nutini - Editors - Artic Monkeys

Pinkpop day 2 was the best day, by far! We woke up to a thunder storm, which was a bit scary, but it cooled off the air just enough to make the weather much more pleasant.
We were surprised by Chef Special, they gave a great and touching performance. Tears were rolling down my face when he sang 'In your arms'. Limp Bizkit was pretty awesome as well, Fred Durst took us on a trip down memory lane. We chilled at the 'Kalm aan laan' and had something to eat with the lovely songs of Ed Sheeran in the background. Stood very close to Paolo Nutini (and all the screaming girls in the front), had some dinner at the 'Rollende Keukens' during Editors and felt a bit drunk while dancing to the Artic Monkeys.
At the end of the day my feet felt sore, but we still had enough energy to do a little dance in the party tent at the campsite. And then fell asleep, waiting for another great festival day to come...
About the dress.. This is my way to deal with the bare midriff trend. 30'C in Holland, a festival... cropped tops were everywhere. Like really.. everywhere! Even the girls who don't get the trend and combine them with low shorts... and/or the tóó much skin. Everybody has to do and wear what they like, but hey, I like to keep it classy!

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