maandag 10 maart 2014


top - H&M divided, pencil skirt - H&M trend, sandals - Birkenstock, sunglasses - H&M

I think the last time I wore a cropped top with bare skin I was 15 years old. Never thought I would wear one again. But, like the way it works in fashion, the cropped top is back. And no, bot with a low waist jeans this time, but with a high waist pencil skirt. And a tiny bit of tanned midriff. I have to admit I had to het used to the bare part. I felt like everybody looked at me... What was I thinking? 30 y/o, with all my curves, and then this short, white top? But when I look at the pictures I like this look a lot! And I think I rock this top anyway. On a holiday like this, at least. 
So how are you doing out there? We're enjoying our last day in Spain. But I heard Spring is kicking in big time in Holland as well. Hopefully it stays that way for while!

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  1. Het staat je echt prachtig! Wat een heerlijk weer daar zeg zo te zien! Het weekend in Nederland was ook zeker niet verkeerd nee ;)

    XX Sonja


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