dinsdag 18 maart 2014


Hi guys, what's up?
I will write a travel log about Valencia later, but here are some snapshots from my holiday in Spain. It was amazing, sunny, relaxing... Wish it could last forever! ;)
What you are looking at:
me, at Starbucks in Valencia. A Starbucks around the corner of your hostel... the best! // walking my mom's dog Chico in Altea // from where I stand, white some bare skin // my dream car in graffiti...  // my handsome man ♥ // Valencia in mirror glasses // Chico! //  me and my mom // family selfie on our last day in Altea, haha // a long beach walk in the sun // Roel and I, waiting for the fireworks in Valencia // walking on the street after the Las Fallas music and fireworks

Those who are following me on Instagram altready saw most if them. If you don't, then click here !

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