dinsdag 4 maart 2014


Last day before we go on a holiday! Here's another diary:

cocktails with Daisy on thursdaynight. friday I was working with a bit of a hangover, but I kind of liked my relaxed mood. they should be serving cocktails at the office! ;) // a bright sky and some pink-ish clouds. love it when the sky screams spring! // Monki cat socks. I'm so in love! // but I would cheat on them with these River Island sandals! especially on a warm summer night // details of my look on sunday. love this denim dress, and the combination with the little hearts // maternity visit means 'beschuit met muisjes' (dutch for rusk with aniseed) // me and newborn niece Evita, born on February 14th. isn't she lovely? // saturdaynight Daisy, Neomie and I went to Burlesque Ballroom. it was so much fun! we danced all night, and people were dressed amazing! first picture are Daisy and I in her elevator when we left. classic pic! second are Neomie and I on the party. don't you like my pink glitter bag? ;) // and there's beautiful Twiggy again. spring is in the air, so she's in heat at the moment. ENNOYING! when we return from Spain I will have her spayed.

Next diary will be all about sun and food and lovely holiday moments. Can't wait!

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  1. Haha superleuk die liftfoto! En wat lief je panty met hartjes. :) Zo lief je nichtje, gefeliciteerd. :)


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