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I’m Jurmelyn, finder of "Jewelry by Jurmelyn". I’m originally from Suriname, born and raised with the Javanese culture in a mixed society. I moved to Rotterdam, the Netherlands at the age of 21 and I must say, I do not regret the decision of moving so far from my family.. And of course, I really do miss my parents and siblings, but what is more challenging than designing your own life, learning from your mistakes, making new friends who you treat like family and embracing the change of a four season Holland. Being creative has always been a part of me, this is my way of expressing my thoughts and accepting the differences in everything.
Like art, my jewelry are designed with passion and personality.
Each bracelet has it's own personality, inspired by nature, the people I keep surrounding myself with and also the strangers who tell their story through their eyes.

Here are some of my creations:

"Rebellion of Innocence.. " Men's bracelet

Inspired by Rebelliousness when the skull is used to invoke fear and Innocence, a certain degree of childlike appearance the large eye sockets of the human skull displays.
The Singlet Snake knot braided nylon thread meets the "Pele Lith" Lava Stone beads with an Old Gold washed Metal Skull.

”Mystique.. " Women’s bracelet

Inspired by the mysterious colours of the night.
The Purple Green round Crystal beads combined with Rosé washed micro-beads.

"Sweet Summer.. Green Eyes" Women’s bracelet

Beauty in the eyes of the beholder.
Inspired by the beauty of the iris, the beautiful life story that varies from person to person.
An unique combination of blue-green and yellow round crystal beads are braided with a nylon thread, both ends finished with a gold and rose washed micro-bead.

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I hope you like the story behind every design,


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