maandag 4 augustus 2014


dress - H&M conscious collection, flowercrown - Monki

Last Saturday Roel and I threw a garden party. Since Roels birthday is in July and mine is in September we decided to celebrate together somewhere in the middle. It felt a bit strange to have a birthday party when it's not even my birthday (yet), but it was a great day! A good atmosphere, great weather and everyone was getting along. O, and we got some awesome gifts, in preparation our big trip in January! Grateful!
A garden party is the perfect occasion to wear my flower crown again! Matches well with this purple dress I think!
(although I have to invest in a better strapless bra I guess... especially after I had seen these pictures... :o underwear is everything!)
We started at 4 in the afternoon and the last person left at 4 in the morning... So it's gonna be a sleepy Monday! But every yawn will remind me of this great party! ;)
How was your weekend?

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