maandag 13 januari 2014


The fact that photography is a form of art isn't something I doubt about. It maybe is one of the artforms I like most. Cameron Davis is a famous and beloved photgrapher who turns nudity into a piece of art. Girls in all shapes and sizes and from all origins are willing to takes their clothes of for this man. His photos balance on the edge of tasteful, but shooting a photo of a womans vagina in full focus without it being trashy is what makes him an artist, I guess.

From his website: 
'Cameron Davis is Photographer, Cinematographer and Creative Director. Cameron Davis has been shooting as a professional photographer since he was 18 years old working in Los Angeles, New York, London, and Paris. Blending multiple styles and multiple elements he is able to capture his images with a one of kind eye and truly unique perspective.
Published in various magazines throughout the world, from Australia to Brazil. Cameron’s work can be seen in Purple Fashion Magazine, Treats! Magazine, Modo Magazine, Vaga Magazine, VAR Magazine, Carne Magazine, C-Heads Magazine, S Magazine and more. Cameron launched his first solo exhibition in New York City and Los Angeles called “What They Don’t See” in 2013.'

So, what are your thoughts? Great artist or dirty old man? 

Happy Monday! 

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  1. (Great) Artist, not my kinda art, but I like the first (left) picture.


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