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A pair of shoes - Vincent van Gogh - 1886 - Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
A pair of boots - Vincent van Gogh - 1887 - Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore, Maryland

When I think about shoes, I think about fashion. I think about Converse and New Balance and about Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw. When I think of the combination of shoes and art, I think about the catwalk. Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo. But this is a very different story. This is about painter Vincent van Gogh's love for shoes. Old and used shoes is what inspired him. The story goes Van Gogh's saw the shoes in 'A pair of shoes' on a flea market and felt so inspired he had to have them and make 'm the subject of his painting. What inspires me in his shoe-paintings is his view on shoes - way different than mine ever was. Before painting, he first took his shoes out for a walk on a rainy, muddy day to create the effect he was wishing for: A tribute to the working man. The Van Gogh Museum speculates that they may be symbolic for Van Gogh of his difficult passage through life. No fashion in that at all!

"Dirty shoes and roses can both be good in the same way."

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