maandag 11 november 2013


This Kiss - Gustav Klimt - 1907/1908 - Österreichische Galerie Belvedere

This piece of art takes me back to the summer of 2012. Me and my friend Daisy went on a citytrip to Vienna and one of the things I really wanted to see was The Kiss from Gustav Klimt. I had known it from books and postcards, but visiting Vienna meant seeing the real thing in real life. On a day with very changeable weather the two of us walked up to the Belvedere, a famous gallery with an incredibly beautiful garden around it. If you climb up there, the view is a piece of art by itself.
The Belvedere, Klimt is their pride, their bait and it sure allured me. Not only The Kiss - which still is my absolute favourite - but the whole collection is impressive. Daisy fell in love with the Judith I and I had to have the postcard of The Water Serpents II.

Back to The Kiss. There's a man kissing a woman on her cheek. What I see is a picture full of love. In his time, Gustav Klimt was a controversial person in Vienna. The man was a womanizer and his paintings were not only about love, but even more about lust. The (with gold inlaid) works of Klimt mostly show women in provocative positions. Particular for then, alluring for me. The postcard of The Kiss I bought in the Belverdere is still waiting in a huge frame down my hall to be enlarged and to be showed to everyone I welcome in my home, with as much pride as the Belvedere!

What are your thoughts about the work of Klimt?  

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  1. Leuk! Ik kan de schilderijen van Gustav Klimt ook erg waarderen :)



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