donderdag 19 september 2013


Ph: Jackson Pollock. Easter and the Totem. 1953. MoMa, New York City // Picture made by me.

This painting triggered my interest in art. Well, that's not completely true. The Modern Museum of Art in New York triggered my interest in art. While visiting New York for the first time I went to the museum. Not because I was such an art lover at that age, but because it was the thing to do as a tourist. I planned to stay there for a few hours, but I spent the whole day. Lost in all the beauty, it turned out I really got a thing for modern art. One of the pieces that stole my heart is Easter and the Totem, by Jackson Pollock. I love the shapes and colours. My second time in New York, about 2 years later, I visited it again and photographed it, and now it has a special place in my house, between other arty postcards and pictures I collected through the years.
What is your favourite piece of art?

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